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  • 2.5 gal.

Tekken® Broad Spectrum Fungicide

Lasting, broad-spectrum control with a single application rate

What it is

Tekken® Broad Spectrum Fungicide offers golf course superintendents dependable control of 21 of the most problematic diseases in turf, including dollar spot, brown patch, and anthracnose. Tekken uses two active ingredients to provide two different modes of action, helping manage resistance and deliver broad-spectrum control for up to 28 days.

Tekken increases turf quality while reducing the phytotoxicity and thinning of creeping bentgrass that can come with stand-alone DMI applications. And Tekken is applied with one convenient rate for all turfgrass uses, eliminating the guesswork.

What it does

Tekken controls:
  • Anthracnose
  • Brown patch
  • Brown ring patch
  • Dollar spot
  • Fairy ring
  • Gray leaf spot
  • Powdery mildew
  • Red thread
  • 14 more as listed
Labeled for use on:
  • All golf course turfgrass species
Ideal for use on:
  • Fairways
  • Greens
  • Tees

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2.5 gal.





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Plot Comparisons

Anthracnose Control on Annual Bluegrass Greens – Rutgers University, 2017
Brown Patch Control on Creeping Bentgrass Greens – University of Maryland, 2017
Dollar Spot Control on Creeping Bentgrass Greens – University of Missouri, 2016


Brian Aynardi, Ph.D., explains how demethylation inhibiting (DMI) fungicides are a powerful tool for management of turfgrass pathogens.

No matter what region you’re in, PBI‑Gordon fungicides are formulated to play a powerful role in your rotation program.

Fungicide and herbicide resistance is forcing end-users to change the way they manage their turf. Discovery of new active ingredients is becoming increasingly rare. If we don’t maximize the performance and usage life of what is available now, we could lose efficacy in the future.

That’s why we’ve established Rotation Nation™ application programs to meet the specific needs of your region, while managing resistance by enlisting a variety of products and active ingredients.

Find Our Rotation Nation Programs
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