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  • 1 qt.

  • 2.5 gal.

  • 30 gal.

  • 55 gal.

  • 275 gal.

Trimec® 992 Broadleaf Herbicide

Proven, economical control of 90+ broadleaf weeds

What it is

Trimec® 992 Broadleaf Herbicide provides rapid control of clover, dandelion, knotweed, henbit, chickweed, plantain, spurge, and many other listed broadleaf weeds. Developed for the professional lawn care operator, Trimec 992 is formulated to reduce costs and provide effective control – some weeds begin to show injury within hours. Trimec 992 is rainfast in as little as eight hours, and treated areas can be reseeded in three weeks.

What it does

Trimec 992 controls:
  • Dandelion
  • Plantain
  • Clover
  • Knotweed
  • Henbit
  • Chickweed
  • Spurge
  • More than 90 listed weeds
Labeled for use in:
  • Fescue - tall, red, and fine leaf
  • Bluegrass - Kentucky and annual
  • Ryegrass - annual and perennial
  • Bermudagrass - common and hybrid
  • Zoysiagrass
  • Buffalograss
  • Bahiagrass
Ideal for use on:
  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial property
  • Golf course fairways and roughs
  • Sports turf
  • Sod farms
  • Other non-crop turf areas

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Product Type

Selective Herbicide


1 qt., 2.5 gal., 30 gal., 55 gal., 275 gal.





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