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Sounds like I could be the guinea pig on C3 but trying to selectively remove KY31 from primary rough. A wee bit stressed measuring out 11.5 grams of Katana but we got a successful app out spiked with... NIS, 21-0-0 & a splash of Border 2.0. thanks @jfcanning & @VTTurfweeds

We keep moving in the right direction. Our current rainy weather pattern will slow things down but we are at an all time high. We have added @SiteOneSupply Carbon Pro L, Byospectrum and ...@PBIGordonTurf Segway to the already solid soil program. Dry soils are key to healthy roots!

Transitioning fairways and tees from over-seeded ryegrass back to Bermudagrass in spring of 2022? Keep #Katana herbicide in mind. Excellent results! @PBIGordonTurf @TurfBlade @JamesSorensenSW ...@SchessTurf

Trimec® Classic Broadleaf Herbicide is an industry favorite and delivers dependable control of more than 90 broadleaf weeds. Try it out!

Healthy lawns provide cooling and energy savings. When the temperature of the sidewalk is 100-degrees, the temperature of the turf nearby is approximately 75-degrees; a full 25-degrees cooler! ...#lawncaremonth

Lots of good fairy ring control tips out there this spring. Here are a few from @PBIGordonTurf's Dr. Brian Aynardi:

If you are a lawn professional, then you might already be spending a lot of your time cleaning up public parks this season. Take a break and enjoy your lunch in the park on #NationalPicnicDay!

Ground ivy and wild violet are two of the tougher weeds you might face this season.

Learn how to control both with these great tips from @TurfBlade: ...

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