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Dollar spot and brown patch are two of the most common #turf diseases and Tekken Broad Spectrum Fungicide controls them both! Check out this article at @GCM_Magazine to learn more. ...

#Atrimmec #Ornamental #PGR @PBIGordonTurf applied on 13 June and 14 July at 3 oz/gallon on Japanese yaupon holly…trimmed before application and sprayed-to-wet…still a lot of summer to go though!

#Union and #Tekken fungicides are excellent components of a #SummerPatch program - and all around greens program - for preventive control of root disease. Seen here with 3 apps compared to ...non-treated @RUturfCenter @PBIGordonTurf

PBI Gordon will be offering a webinar on herbicide weed resistance for young #lawncare professionals. Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity. Register now!

Brown patch or dollar spot got you down? Learn how Tekken from @PBIGordonTurf can help superintendents take control of these common turf problems. #ad

We hope you're crushing the week like @PatrickMahomes crushed this drive. #TBT

347 yards… carry 😲

@PatrickMahomes takes the @ACChampionship Long Drive Competition lead 👀👀

Editor-in-Chief @SethAJones sits down for a Q&A with @PBIGordonTurf's SpeedZone formulator, Dale Sanson, Ph.D., to discuss his career at PBI-Gordon, SpeedZone herbicides and what it's to influence the game of golf.

(Photo: PBI Gordon)

We are always trying to do our best with the money we are given. I had to switch my green surround program for this very reason. @PBIGordonTurf Tekken fungicide is providing supervisor results. 24 ...days after application and we are still clean. 2nd app. next week.

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