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WEBINAR: Demethylation Inhibiting (DMI) Fungicides

Demethylation inhibiting (DMI) fungicides are a powerful tool for management of turfgrass pathogens. Their site of action is specific to all true fungi, and consequently, the spectrum of pathogen control is broad. In this 60-minute webinar, Brian Aynardi, Ph.D., will focus on the use of DMI fungicides for control of various pathogens. The proper choice of a partner fungicide in a resistance management program is critical. Aynardi will cover this along with cultural practices and optimum fungicide use patterns.

About the Instructor
Brian Aynardi, Ph.D., is the Northeast R&D Scientist and Manager of University and Contract Research for PBI-Gordon Corporation. He earned both his bachelors in turfgrass science and his Ph.D. in plant pathology at Pennsylvania State University. Aynardi worked as a research technician at Penn State prior to joining the team at PBI-Gordon and resides in State College, Penn.

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