2022 PBI-Gordon End-User Early Order Program


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  1. How is the rebate bonus calculated?
    The rebate bonus is calculated based on your rebate amount. For example, if your rebate is $750, your rebate bonus will be $112.50 ($750 x 15%), so your total rebate will be $862.50.
  2. Can my distributor representative submit my registration on my behalf?
    Yes! Both you and your distributor representative will receive an email confirmation after registering.
  3. What if I have different orders from different distributors?
    For our verification purposes, please submit registration for each distributor you will be ordering eligible products from. On the registration form, please select "Yes" when prompted with "Register another distributor?" to enter additional distributor(s). Your rebate total will be calculated based on the orders totaled altogether.
  4. Do I need to submit invoices?
    No, distributors will provide the information on your qualifying orders via electronic data/reporting. Once you’re registered, you are not required to submit anything additional.
  5. Have other questions?
    You can reach us at [email protected].
Program Details
  • To qualify, the participating end-user must earn a minimum rebate of $100.00.
  • Products must be purchased from a PBI-Gordon distributor between September 1, 2022 and November 18, 2022.
  • This program applies only to qualified end-user professionals in golf, lawn care, sports turf, schools, sod farms, and other turf management areas. End-users will qualify based upon authorized EDI reporting. Distributor sales to dealers do not qualify for this end-user rebate.
  • Program calculations will be completed at the sole discretion of PBI-Gordon. Orders invoiced and shipped to end‑users are subject to verification. If variances occur, payment reconciliation may be necessary.
  • Pricing and payment terms for listed products are determined by the distributor.
  • PBI-Gordon reserves the right to audit, modify, or terminate this program at any time.
Participation Guidelines
  1. Returning participant? You are automatically enrolled if you’ve registered online in previous PBI-Gordon EOP program years.
  2. New this year? Complete the online registration form below.
  3. Registration must be submitted no later than November 30, 2022.
  4. PBI-Gordon will not pay rebates on returned inventory. Orders invoiced and shipped to end-users are subject to verification.
  5. End-user purchases for this program are reported through EDI through the distributor
  6. Preferred payment method may be selected and updated via the online form. Distributor credits will be issued as default.
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