2.5 gal.


Nutrient supplement for turf and ornamentals

What it is

Launch® 0-0-1 plant nutrient supplement provides nutrients for the growth and development of roots in seeding, sodding, or sprigging operations for establishment of dense turf. Launch is formulated with potassium, cold-water kelp extract, humic and fulvic acids, and homogenized and deodorized liquid manure, and contains chelated iron and an advanced surfactant to help generate a strong, vigorous root mass and a stand of dense, hardwearing turf. It's ideal for hydroseeding and pre-germination operations, and Launch is labeled for athletic fields, residential lawns, and golf course greens and tees.

What it does


  • Provides nutrients for root growth and development
  • Promotes density and wear resistance
  • Ideal for hydroseeding
  • Easy-to-spread granule formulation
  • Contains surfactant

Labeled for use in:

  • Athletic fields
  • Residential lawns
  • Golf courses and greens
  • Annual and perennial flower and ornamental beds


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