Selective Herbicides

Trimec® Encore® Broadleaf Herbicide

Proven broadleaf control in a 2,4-D alternative

What it is

Formulated with MCPA, Trimec® Encore® Broadleaf Herbicide provides a powerful alternative where 2,4-D products are limited or restricted by state or municipal regulations. Labeled for use on warm- and cool-season turfgrasses, Trimec Encore provides dependable control of more than 50 broadleaf weeds, including clover, bindweed, chickweed, dandelion, and ground ivy.

What it does

Trimec Encore controls:

  • Dandelion
  • Clover
  • Plantain
  • Chickweed
  • Bindweed
  • Henbit
  • More than 50 listed weeds

Labeled for use in:

  • Tall Fescue
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Perennial ryegrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Zoysiagrass
  • Bahiagrass

Ideal for use on:

  • Ornamental lawns
  • Ornamental turfgrass
  • Golf courses
  • Sod farms


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