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FeRROMEC® Liquid Iron 15-0-0

Formulated to produce a dark green color fast

What it is

FeRROMEC® Liquid Iron 15-0-0 is a nitrogen/sulfur/iron formulation designed to promote plant growth and quick green-up in turf and ornamentals. FeRROMEC creates a nitrogen-iron bond that acts like a chelate to help ensure plant production of chlorophyll, causing a rapid shift to the dark green color most desired. FeRROMEC is compatible with most pesticides, and is labeled for use on many northern and southern turf grasses, shrubs, and trees.

What it does

FeRROMEC Liquid Iron:

  • Promotes rapid plant green-up
  • Is a nitrogen/sulfur/iron formulation to boost plant vigor
  • Corrects iron chlorosis
  • Is economical and easy to apply
  • Won't burn when used per label directions

Labeled for use in:

  • Listed ornamentals, including alyssum, ferns, and daylilies
  • Listed shrubs, including azalea, hydrangea, and crepe myrtle
  • Listed trees, including dogwood, ginkgo, magnolia, and maple
  • Listed turfgrasses, including bentgrass, bluegrass, tall fescue, and St. Augustinegrass


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