Focus® 0-0-6

Nutrients for established turf and ornamentals

What it is

Focus® 0-0-6 plant nutrient supplement is formulated to help turf maintain vigorous growth under high-stress conditions such as intensive mowing, heat, flooding, shade, wear, and drought. The product of extensive laboratory and field research, Focus uses precise ratios of non-plant food ingredients, cold-water sea plant extracts, and humic acid, plus chelated iron to help turfgrass recover from iron chlorosis. Focus contains a surfactant for maximum soil and leaf penetration, and is labeled for use on institutional, ornamental, golf, and residential sites.

What it does


  • Promotes turf stress recovery
  • Contains chelated iron to correct iron chlorosis
  • Promotes rapid green-up
  • Is economical and easy to apply

Labeled for use in:

  • Highly maintained turf
  • Newly established turf
  • Ornamental, nursery, and flower transplants


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