Spray Colorant: reduce waste and improves accuracy with this temporary, concentrated, water-soluble colorant

2.5 gal.

Spray Colorant

Helps improve accuracy to reduce waste

What it is

Spray Colorant is a concentrated, water-soluble, temporary colorant that gives liquid spray solutions a highly visible blue color. Designed for use in landscape settings, lawns, nurseries, cemeteries, golf courses, athletic fields, and parks, Spray Colorant indicates spray solution pattern, drift, and accuracy in spray applications. Spray Colorant will not permanently stain sidewalks, headstones, painted surfaces, and most other decorative inorganic surfaces. Spray Colorant is packaged in one-gallon containers for ease of mixing and handling.

What it does

Spray Colorant:

  • Imparts a highly visible blue color in liquid spray solutions
  • Indicates spray solution pattern, drift, and accuracy
  • Rinses easily from inorganic surfaces
  • Dissipates quickly in waters

Ideal for use on:

  • Golf courses
  • Residential sites
  • Commercial areas
  • Athletic fields
  • Parks and public facilities
  • Sod farms
  • Cemeteries


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